Washroom Renewal Program - Temporary Washroom Closure for Glendon

York University is experiencing a temporary disruption to its

Facilities/Services have been disrupted at:

Location of Disruption:

Frost Library - Room 111A (Reconfiguration)

York Hall - 033 (Reconfiguration)
Room A190, 037
Room 186 and 187 (Reconfiguration)

Nature of Disruption:

Washroom Renovation and Reconfiguration

Expected Duration of Disruption:
January - April 2020

Alternate Facilities/Services may be available at:

Alternative Location:

Frost Library - For 111A - Room 201B (Gender Neutral); 213 (Women); 001A (Men)

York Hall -- For Room A190 - A192 (Men + Barrier Free)
- A193 (Women + Barrier Free)
- B122, 251A (Gender Neutral, Barrier Free)
- C229A (Gender Neutral)

For Room 037 - B122 (Gender Neutral + Barrier Free)
- C229A (Gender Neutral)
- 157, 187 (Men)
- 033, 136, 186 (Women)

We apologize for any inconvenience this temporary disruption in
facilities/services may have caused.

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